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My best friend and her fiance have hit a major rough patch in their relationship. She's told me about some of the issues that are going on that are mostly started or made worse by her fiance's inaction. They both work crazy hours, so I know that life gets hectic for them, but I just cannot believe that her fiance is letting these problems fester. I really would love to call him (we're states away) and tell him to stop being an asshole because he's driving his girlfriend away. I'm friends with him as well, so it wouldn't be totally weird for me to contact him, but would I be overstepping my bounds? He seriously seems to be oblivious to what's going on. Would another voice help, or harm?

fwiw - I'm not the type to interfere, I just have know these two (as a couple) for a long time and they are great. I just want them to make it.


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